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West New York Real Estate A North Hudson Haven

About West New York

West New York is a suburb north of Hoboken and situated with easy access to NYC and other parts of NJ. Living in West New York offers residents an urban feel with businesses lining the streets and tons of apartments available to rent. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks are common, making it a family-friendly neighborhood with activities for the whole family. 

West New York is also situated at the highest elevation point in all of Hudson County, and views of the waterfront, downtown, and New York City are some of the most breathtaking around. 

If you enjoy shopping and eating out, then West New York could be perfect for you. Not only does the West New York community host a wide range of shopping and dining experiences — from affordable, handmade, and trendy to unique, upscale, and ultra-delicious — but with the close proximity and quick access to New York City, you have tons of choices at your fingertips.

Bergenline Avenue is a main road with numerous parades, reflecting the many cultures that make up the diverse residents. There is an Italian Parade, a Cuban Parade, a Scottish and Irish Parade, and many more that share traditional songs, dances, crafts, and foods for parade-goers to enjoy in a family-friendly atmosphere.

West New York apartments come in abundance, several being within both attached and semi-detached row-houses. There are also many multi-family apartment buildings, both large and small. As the “New York” name might insinuate, there are several high-rise apartment buildings bunched in one area of the waterfront. Overall, West New York’s location along the waterfront and atop the New Jersey Palisades provides some of the most spectacular views of NYC.

Commuting to NYC

Residents of West New York utilize public transportation into Manhattan can get to Midtown and Lower NYC fairly quickly — in a matter of minutes to be precise. Also available is the Hudson Bergen Light Rail, which makes a stop at the southern end of town, at the Bergenline Avenue Station. If commuters prefer this method, they can make transfers to the NJ Transit, as well as the PATH trains in Hoboken for easy transport into the city and throughout surrounding New Jersey.

Learn More

  • Official West New York Website: Check out the official West New York website to learn more information about the government and community
  • West New York Library: The library is a great source for events and has tons of free classes.
  • Chamber of Commerce: Get a sense of the businesses in town
  • Lifestyle: Stay up-to-date about events, local business deals, what new businesses are opening, and community happenings