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Jersey City Real Estate Chilltown

About Jersey City, NJ

Also right across the Hudson River from Manhattan lives Jersey City, with many different neighborhoods a rich history. Nestled just south of Hoboken and north of Liberty State Park, Downtown Jersey City is the neighborhood that is closest to the river and extends westward to the NJ Turnpike extension.

Downtown Jersey City offers a wide array of great restaurants, pubs, and most importantly, large parks. Van Vorst Park and Hamilton Park are two of the prominent parks that anchor each end of the neighborhood and are both surrounded by beautiful brownstone homes. Newport and Exchange Place (other neighborhoods in JC) are the redeveloped waterfront areas that play host to the taller residential towers, hotels, and office buildings.

Grab a drink with friends at Zeppelin Hall or pop by Razza for some of their famous wood-burning pizza. 

The New Hotspot

Downtown Jersey City is loved by singles, families, and everyone in between. Shopping, dining, and historic sights line the streets, along with some of the best views of the NYC skyline. The neighborhood is a tight-knit community where local businesses are promoted over big brands, block parties are common, and commuting to NYC is a seamless experience. 

The Jersey City local government works hard to provide safe, clean streets, reduced property taxes, and an improved range of education. Within Jersey City there is a wide range of housing options available, including condos, private brownstones, rentals, and more. 

The downtown area is dedicated to local events that benefit all — street fairs with local vendors, farmers markets, holiday markets, and family events. 

Commuting to NYC

Commuting to Manhattan from Downtown Jersey City is a big topic. So big, that Business Insider wrote an entire article about it. There are several PATH Stations throughout Jersey City that can take passengers to downtown or midtown NYC. Plus, a wide range of bus lines — both state-run and independent — get people through the Lincoln Tunnel to Port Authority on 42nd Street as well. And similar to Hoboken, there are also ferry terminals as well. Getting around Jersey City can be done by hopping on the Light Rail at one of the many stops. While it doesn’t take you across the river, it does make shopping and working within Jersey City possible and affordable. 

Add all of these elements together: the growth, location, businesses, people and you get a dynamic community that is rapidly stepping up to take its place within the fabric of not just the metro area, but of the entire state of NJ.

Learn More

  • Official Jersey City Website: Check out the official Jersey City website to get more information about the government and community in the Downtown area
  • Jersey City Library: The library is a great source for events and has tons of free classes
  • Chamber of Commerce: Get a sense of the businesses in town and how you can participate in helping them thrive
  • Lifestyle: stay up-to-date about events and community happenings