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About Hoboken NJ

Right across the Hudson River from New York City is a small city with a big personality. Enjoy all of the conveniences that NYC can offer, but with a strong community foundation and easier parking. Hoboken is home to great restaurants, shops, and businesses, filling this roughly one-square-mile city with everything you could ever want or need. With spectacular views and historic buildings, Hoboken’s beauty is unparalleled.

Many of the establishments here have been in business for decades, like Fiore’s — opened in 1913 and is famous for its homemade mozzarella and roast beef. Enjoy this family-owned and operated business mixed with newer, more contemporary establishments.

Living in Hoboken offers quick and easy transportation options to + from New York City making it perfect for those who commute regularly. With multiple transportation options including the PATH, NY Waterway, NJ Transit Buses and Trains, and Bergen-Hudson Lightrail, long commutes are a thing of the past. Even heading out into other parts of NJ is easy, with highways at the north end of Hoboken and also right by the board of Hoboken and Jersey City. 

Keep reading to get to know Hoboken in a little more detail.

The Ease of Getting Around

If you’re coming to Hoboken from the ‘burbs, you might not realize how great it can be to walk a few blocks and get all your errands done + plus enjoy lunch with friends. Parking on the street only requires residents to get a yearly permit, (costing under $30 annually) and many buildings offer lots and garage parking as well. But if you’re ready to ditch the car, Hoboken is the place to do it. Hoboken families walk around town during all months of the year, as many of your most loved and needed amenities will be within just a few blocks of home. Take a stroll down Washington Street to visit some of the local businesses in town such as restaurants, banks, cafes, children’s activity centers, retail stores, and more. Visit one of the many parks in town, including along the waterfront and strewn through town even in the quiet residential neighborhoods. There are farmer’s markets set up several days a week in different parts of town as well, making fresh produce easily available. Grocery shopping is easy in Hoboken, housing an A&P, Shoprite, Trader Joe’s (all with parking lots) and even a King’s. Several smaller markets are available too, such as Basic Foods and Natural Plus, making it possible to shop local for everything your family needs. 

Commuting to NYC

NJ Transit Bus #126 offers bus service from the Hoboken Terminal to Port Authority along Washington, Willow, and Clinton Streets. The PATH is another option, with trains running on the 33rd street line and World Trade Center. You can also transfer to several Jersey City stops as well, for those who work or have offices in JC. NY Waterway offers 2 ferry stops – one at 14th Street and the other near the PATH train, with ferry boats going to Midtown and Downtown NYC.

Learn More

  • Official Hoboken Website: Check out the official Hoboken website to learn more information about the government and community.
  • Hoboken Library: The library is a great source for events and has tons of free classes.
  • Chamber of Commerce: Get a sense of the businesses in town
  • Lifestyle: Stay up-to-date about events, local business deals, what new businesses are opening, and community happenings